Grand Pharmaceutical Group Limited

Grand Pharmaceutical Group Limited (512.HK) is an international pharmaceutical company of technological innovation. The core products of the Group cover several major businesses represented by the anti-tumor, cardiovascular emergency pharmaceutical products and advanced cerebro-cardiovascular intervention advanced medical devices, anti-virus and anti-infection, respiratory and ENT, bio-health products and specialized pharmaceutical ingredients. The Group has mainly focused on four business scopes, namely “innovative drugs with high entry barriers”, “branded drugs”, “integration of raw materials”, and “nutrition products”. There are three major segments of global innovation and technology leadership, namely precision interventional therapy, Radionuclide–drug conjugate (“RDC”) and immunotherapy, to be carried out with a forward-looking view by the Group.

Conducting global R&D with an active and open mind, the global R&D centre has begun to take shape and the global R&D layout has achieved initial results. The Group has invested four major technology R&D platforms and five major R&D centers around the world. The technology R&D platforms consist of the RDC technology platform, DNA R&D technology platform, mRNA R&D technology platform and Glycomics R&D technology platform. The R&D centers include the International R&D Center in Optics Valley in Wuhan (under preparation of construction) as well as four major overseas R&D centers (namely San Diego R&D Center – Immunotherapy (DNA Technology) Anti-tumor in the United States, Boston R&D Center – Precision Interventional Anti-tumor in the United States, Belgium – mRNA, and Australia R&D Center – Anti-virus and Anti-infection).

By fully capitalising “accurate and stable business development capabilities at home and abroad, the introduction and digestion of international leading technologies, excellent marketing and sales capabilities”, the Group is aiming at the frontier areas of technological innovation. With the strategy of “building a wall, deepening exploration, storing reserves” and the vision of internationalization and technological innovation, the Group continues to expand and reach a new business growth point, deeply expanding three core therapeutic areas, i.e. “cerebro-cardiovascular precision interventional diagnosis”, “anti-tumor” and “anti-virus and anti-infection”.

In the future, the group will continue to meet the needs of patients, adapt to market development and insist on technological innovation as well as the development concept of “comprehensive strengths, innovation barriers and global expansion” and the strategy of “dual-wheel driving development of independent R&D, global expansion and dual-cycle operation”. The Group has formed a new pattern of domestic and international cycles that synergize with each other, and is committed to becoming an international pharmaceutical company of technological innovation, delivering on its promises for doctors and patients, and making significant contribution to the society.